TV jargon - What is QLED?

TV jargon - What is QLED?

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The speed at which technology is progressing is truly amazing and this is particularly true in the world of home entertainment systems. The high definition of television pictures has come on at an incredible pace and the quality now is so far removed from that of only a few years ago - and will only continue to get better.

This means more options for the customer to consider and more information to take on board before coming up with that all-important decision of which TV set to buy.

At Digiland we are only too keen to make things as easy to understand as possible and today we would like to tell you about QLED, what it is, how it works and whether or not it might be a good thing for you.

LED TV uses a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel to control where light is displayed on your screen. QLED is a LED TV which uses quantum dots to enhance this performance.

Samsung has been developing this technology over recent years - a technology that can be found in the company’s top-of-the-range TVs of last year and this. QLED sets need a backlight and when this hits the layer of quantum dots, colours are produced which you then see as the picture on your screen.

Using this technology has not only improved picture quality but also picture accuracy. This new system throws light in more directions meaning greater colour consistency when the viewer is watching off-centre.

Samsung says the higher performance in picture quality comes from the dots behaving a bit like a filter to produce purer light.

It seems certain that QLED is here and will stay with us but choosing between this set and another type could well be determined by the price and what you are prepared to pay.


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